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"We did receive the stirrups and the sanitaries right after I emailed you last week. I just want to say that we are very impressed and enthused about the stirrups. I have been wanting to order stirrups for a while for my ball team and having this type of outcome with our first pair, we will definitely be doing this again. Thanks for the quality outcome and all the extra assistance."  -James


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Born out of necessity stirrups socks were designed so that our baseball forefathers could add some color to their stockings without being injured. The problem back in the day was that dyes used on fabrics were not color fast- meaning they could seep out of the fabric and into other things.

Many players would end up with infected wounds from the dyes used in their colored stockings. This dilemma lead to player wearing two layers of stockings- a white sanitary stocking that was put on first and a colored stocking on the outside.

Of course while this did reduce the number of infected injuries but a new problem was arose- now the players shoes fit wrong from the extra layer of material. So after much thought on the subject stirrups were put into use. Now the player could wear the white sanitary stocking with a colorful stirrup over with minimal extra material in the shoe.

More information about the evolution of the baseball uniform can be found on the Baseball Hall of Fame's web site.

Given the interesting history behind the use of stirrups in America's favorite pass time it is no surprise that real stirrups are making a come back.  Most interestingly it's Little League teams showing an interest in wearing real stirrups again- and we're not just talking about your run of the mill 3 layer 100% nylon solid color stirrup- I mean custom, made to order stirrups.

To find a selection of stirrups ranging from the fore mentioned solid color stirrups to styles like the famous ranger or red sox stirrups check out the baseball sock catalog.  Here you will find a selection of custom made stirrups that can be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks- best part is they're made right here at home in the good old USA.

Let your little leaguers feel like pros and set the team up with some professional looking stirrups this season.

All you other more experience players out there should be wearing stirrups already.  Come on, don't tell me you've given in to the 2-in-1 sock.  Keep history alive- toss those 2-in-1's and start wearing professional quality, made in the USA, stirrups.


6/6/19 This is the fourth or fifth order for stirrups. Each time the kids loved the product and were proud to wear them. They lasted throughout the entire season and into several others. Good quality and timely return of the order  -Tom Hansen

4/24/19 The stirrups are great! Our softball team loves them! Thank you! Coach Poole