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Backstroke Flags

Backstroke Flags, Custom and Plain

A necessary item for any swimming pool that is used for swim practices, or swim meets, lap swimming, backstroke flags are an indicator to swimmers that they’re nearing the wall of the swimming pool.  Backstroke flags are need for high school and collegiate level swim meets to avoid injuries and meet NFHS standards for meets.  We have plastic backstroke flags, nylon backstroke flags, and custom backstroke flags.   Our flags can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

Tips for ordering backstroke flags.  You will need to know the width of the pool, the distance between the hooks that they attach to, your school colors, and team name and logos wanted.   Once you have gathered this information ordering in pretty straight forward.

NFHS Backstroke Flag Rules
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CALL 1-800-811-1931 for help ordering backstroke flags.